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Our Services

Conditions treated

General internal medicine: asthma, common cold, influenza, seasonal allergies, urticaria (hives), acne, anemia, migraine, upset stomach, high blood pressure, diabetes, and hyperhidrosis etc. General medicines as well as Kampō/Chinese medicines produced in Japan are available for prescription.

General checkups & vaccinations

Medical checkups, health certificates, flu shots and other vaccinations, blood test, urine test, lung function test, blood pressure measurement, chest X-ray examination, electrocardiogram (ECG), and rapid influenza diagnostic tests etc. (For testing blood glucose and in some other occasions, you may be asked to come in the morning) 

Sunday Uninsured Services

(Appointments only)

Physical Fatigue:

Headache, shoulder pain, eye strain, hangovers

Therapeutic Methods:

Electro-acupuncture, aromatherapy, vitamin shots

Skin Fatigue:

Dry skin, loose sagging skin, dull skin tone

Therapeutic Methods:

Bicarbonate beauty treatment, chemical peel, IV, vitamin shots, electro-acupuncture, aromatherapy

Mental Fatigue: insomnia, anxiety

Therapeutic Methods: acupuncture, cognitive behavior therapy, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy

Others: Hyperhidrosis

Health Insurance

Registered medical doctor for Japanese National Health Insurance: kokumin kenko hoken (National Health Insurance) and shakai kenko hoken (Employees' Health Insurance). Please present your health insurance card. We receive self-pay patients as well. Payment methods: cash and major credit cards.

English and Mandarin support

English and Mandarin speakers who are not proficient in Japanese are welcome !

Doctor's notes

Doctor's notes in Japanese, English, and Chinese

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