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By Public Transit

It takes about 3 to 8 minutes (depending on traffic)

from Kichijoji Station (吉祥寺駅) to Musashino Daiyon Shogakko (武蔵野第四小学校) Bus Stop. After getting off at Bus Stop "Musashino Daiyon Shogakko" (the Fourth Elementary School), walk for 3 minutes and you will arrive at Numata Medical Clinic.

Numata Medical_bus4.jpg

By Walk

It takes about 15 minutes from Kichijoji Station (吉祥寺駅) to Numata Medical Clinic. Use the north exit and walk through "Sun Road" shopping street (サンロード商店街) until the end, and turn left onto Itsukaichi-Kaido (五日市街道) Avenue. Keep walking and turn right onto Kichijoji-dori (吉祥寺通り) Avenue. At the second traffic light, please turn left and follow the street. You will shortly see Musashino Daiyon Shogakko (武蔵野第四小学校) elementary school ground on your right-hand side. Keep walking until you reach the corner of the school ground. Please turn right at the corner, and you will see Numata Medical Clinic on your left-hand side.

By Car

If you would like to drive to Numata Medical Clinic, please contact us in advance.

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